Mywife and I bought the OldRectory, with its grounds and other buildings, thirty-four yearsago. It’s in a beautiful location, no neighbours to disturb, in tenacres of ancient woodlands. We work as translators, and for most ofthe early years we translated, and also had language schools in thesummer for foreign students learning English. When all of ourchildren had grown up, we decided that we would use the buildings forfamily holiday lets. As time went on, this developed and we arrangedparties, events and weddings. A few years ago we were voted no. 2party venue by TheObserver, and last year we hosted nine weddings,which were pretty special.
Asthere are several buildings, we are able to accommodate quite a lotof people (about 32). The Rectory itself is a very handsome buildingarchitecturally and it’s Grade II listed. The front part of it isGeorgian (1832), but the back part is much older, dating back to the13th century. We think that the other two main buildings,the Coach House and the former village hall, also date from 1832.(There’s a set of old photographs from the 1920s on ourfacebookpage.)
Itwas a bit of luck getting the former village hall, because this is abig barn which we use for the wedding ceremonies, but it’s also gotgreat acoustics and we’ve had lots of concerts in it, ranging fromstring quartets to loud rock bands. There’s also a stage, and we’veput on quite a few plays, both semi-professional productions fromtouring companies, but also the plays that children have made upwhile they’ve stayed here. (We’ve also got a big dressing up boxfor that.)
Location-wise,we’re 20 minutes from the sea, so it’s very convenient forsurfers. But it’s also great for walking.  The SouthwestCoastal Path is very beautiful, and Dartmoor’s not that faraway. We’re right on the border with Cornwall, and it’s easy toget to picturesque places like Padstow and Port Isaac.
Ithink the best thing about having the Rectory is its versatility –it means we get all kinds of guests, adding their tiny part to thehouse’s history. For families, it’s a perfect place – thekind of house that makes memories. And there’s a great atmospherefor weddings and parties. Some families come back year after year;it’s great to share our love of the place with them.
Thirty-four years is a longtime to spend renovating a place, and the Old Rectory is more than aholiday house, it’s our home: we’re just sharing it with peoplewho will appreciate it like we do. If you think it’s the place foryou – for your wedding, birthday party, anniversary or familyholiday, give us a ring on 07765 243804 or